Our Staff

“Excellent teachers are the essential ingredient for any top-notch nursery. LMN is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring out the best in each and every child. LMN invests heavily in their staff’s professional development and sets high professional expectations.”

Our qualified early childhood teaching staff is professionally trained to create the stimulating and nurturing environment in which children learn and develop to their full potential. Little Montessori teachers realize the importance a warm, caring setting plays to a child’s learning. This consistency of care plays a valuable role in children’s learning and for this reason we pride ourselves on our low staff turnover.

The teacher/child relationship is essential to a play-based problem solving approach to learning. It is through the trust, connection and ability to listen that your child’s ideas, views, thoughts and stories can be truly heard.

A teacher’s role is to be an inspirer, scaffolding the child’s learning in order to sustain and enrich your child’s play. LMN teachers recognize that, while there are general trends in growth and development, your child is unique and will grow and develop at their own rate, and in their own way.

We firmly believe that continuous professional development is synonymous with quality early childhood programs. Current research overwhelmingly demonstrates that quality-teaching practice is one of the most significant influences on children’s learning. Because professional development is a vital component in enhancing the quality of teaching practice, Little Montessori holds regular workshop and training programs for staff, administrators, and others involved in early childhood. A high staff ratio allows each child one-to-one time with their teacher.

Throughout the school, the teaching reflects the fact that effective learning is not only enjoyable, encourages innovation and excitement but also allows time for reflection.