Baby Classes

Little Minders for infants aged 2 months to 9month have a sleep room and changing which is quiet. Little Learners 9month to 1.6months have a play area with a dress up room, story corner, soft play and a free play space. They also have access to the outside space and or inside/outside play area.

Toddler Classes

Once your child can walk, up until they reach 1.7years of age, they can participate in our toddler classes, where the same ratio of 1:4 is still maintained. The daily program we follow for children of this age is based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and includes plenty of interactive, physical activities.

Nursery Classes

Little Leaders & Little Montessori classes from 3-4 years, we maintain a teacher-pupil ratio of 1:5, which is much lower than many nurseries Qatar. This low ratio enables us to support your child as he or she develops more advanced social skills by participating in small group activities.