Your child will be given plenty of encouragement and praise with an emphasis on linguistic acquisition and pronunciation. For young children, expressing themselves vocally can be tough initially particularly if second languages are present. We use fun activities and aim to create a comfortable, open atmosphere so that even the shyest children can feel able to speak up. Our large library of children’s books makes early literacy fun and varied. Daily story telling allows your child to learn new words and become familiar with linguistic patterns, while feeling entertained. Our teachers use the fun themes from our books to introduce your child to letter shapes and the relationship between written and spoken language. The intriguing nature of our children’s library will create a love of reading at an early age, sowing the seeds for advanced literacy.

At Little Montessori British Nursery, we follow the Jolly Phonics Program, as it is suitable for both young learners and bilingual children. The program takes into consideration not only the (26) letters of the alphabet but embraces the (42) sounds used in the English Language assisting in the pronunciation and underlying understandings. The application used is fun through songs, stories and puppets and can be applied anywhere at any time for instance, finding items in the sand play that begin with the sound ‘sssss’ for example a snake! Therefore, even the younger children can participate in such academic activities!

Our music program (Jolly Music) also has language at its core. Didactic lyrics fused with actions and mime make singing and dancing an active educational experience. Even our youngest children are able to connect action and word, increasing their vocabulary and confidence in using new phrases. Your child will use these fun forms of learning to develop their literacy skills in the classroom. We encourage your child from early mark making to form written words for themselves.

“ I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. ”